Imaging Unit

Medical Imaging or radiology unit in UMT Medical Health Center starts operated in May 2011. The grand opening of this unit was done in August 2011 by Prof. Dato Aziz Bin Deraman as a Vice Chancellor of University Malaysia Terengganu. This unit  equipped with Computed Radiography system or better known as (CR). By using the web-based application and connected through MINI-PACS system, it ready to perform by teleradiology.  This system developed by Carestream Health Provider, By this system, it can give treatment management much more easier  which it give more advantages compared to Conventional Imaging, thus it can speed up the diagnosis.

The Objective of the Imaging unit is :

  1. Help and give diagnostic imaging service in  precise and good quality.
  2. Giving the irradiation as low as during investigation was perform.
  3. Giving a fully ethic dan safety without counting age during treatment process.

   The function of Imaging Unit

  1. Provide services fast and efficient during diagnosis procedure.
  2. Perform task regarding radiation safety
  3. Manage course and official work regarding x-ray
  4. Ensure all the radiation personel registered  to  the Ministry of Health.
  5. Help supervise management in ensuring smooth service  provided

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